Current Club Roster

Regular Members

NameCall SignLicense Class
Erin Ammons KD8NSU Amateur Extra
Steve Baker K8PZ Amateur Extra
Barton Bechtel N8XQH Amateur Extra
Sandy Biziorek K8VOJ General
Steve Biziorek K8VOL Amateur Extra
Roger A Day W8DAY Amateur Extra
Larry Dells KC8KVR Amateur Extra
Peg Dells
Joyce M Douglas KD8EMI Technician
Richard H Douglas KC8NKA Amateur Extra
Roman Downer (thru 2020) N4SC Amateur Extra
Michael Eilers K8OOK Amateur Extra
Nancy Eilers N8IPG General
Corey Grahn KD8SZZ Amateur Extra
Tom Hansen N8DGD Amateur Extra
Mike Hood KD8JB Amateur Extra
Paul C Hummel K9BOJ Advanced
Diane Hummel
Tom Lane (thru 2017)
Dan Markowski N8NIJ General
Philip Nordstrand W8IPN General
Gale Scholten N8GS Amateur Extra
Jerome Wittkoski W8MSK Amateur Extra

Life Members

NameCall SignLicense Class
Samuel T Nabkey K8SN Amateur Extra
Dan Thompson N8WKM Technician
Carl Thompson WA8AAT General
Evelyn Thompson KB8ILI Technician
Connie Zaidel N8WKQ Technician

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