2 Meter Net

Mara has been holding Net’s since August 31, 1991, when we first met on 10 meter single side band.(28.350MHz) We then even included a CW net for those members who wished to upgrade.(28.150MHz) Today, we hold our net on our W8USA Repeater, 145.230MHz, every Thursday night at 8:00pm.

Starting January 7th 2016, the net’s time will be shifting back 30 minutes to start at 7:30pm!

We have tried many ways to keep the Net interesting, and fun to participate in, but we’ve found that the best way is to have different folks be Net Control. To help make it easier for you to be Net control, we’ve included just about everything you’ll need. Below, you will find the latest MARA 2 meter Net operation script, which is a PDF file. We also have a simple Net Log to help you keep track of who checked in. (Print 2 of them-if you run out, you’ll have one handy). “Don’t know what topic to use?” We have a suggestion page to help you create your very own. If you have questions, you can contact our Net Director, and he’ll help you out further. You’ll have fun with your Ham friends, and also learn how to operate a Net.


73’s. And we’ll hear YOU on the net.

Lets help them have the best year ever.

Want to volunteer to be Net Control? Have a look at the sign up sheet (now updated for June/July 2017) and contact the Net Director (select Net Director from the Recipient drop-down). Let him know which Thursday you wish to be Net Control.


One of the biggest stumbling blocks in getting people to volunteer to be Net Control is “What Topic can I come up with?”

Everyone who has been Net Control has experienced that same concern.

Drawing blanks on Net Topics is a fact of life. If you were chatting with your friends on 2 meters, you couldn’t possibly run out of topics, but become Net Control, with oodles of people looking for you to come up with a topic, and you feel you left your brain in neutral.

These are schemes to help you over come that “blank feeling”.

Try these out. It can’t hurt. ( if none of these work out, call somebody who has been Net Control and ask them for ideas)

1. “What interests do you have in Ham Radio that you would like to know more about? Often, the same things you are interested in, interest others. All you have to do is ask. example: “Do you find DSP useful?” “What new features would you like on your next Radio?”

2.”What is currently going on in Ham Radio that might be a focal point of discussion on a Net? ” Do you think they should remove CW completely?” “Should clubs or individuals have more than 1 repeater in the same city?-why?”

Of course, with all the Ham Radio events going on throughout the year, you can always fall back on asking if the net members are going to participate in the different events. Important Club events are also a great means of getting a topic. What was discussed at the last meeting that was important to the Ham Radio community?

Use your own judgment. But the really important thing is to have fun. That’s what our Net is about.

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